Privacy Policy
Sosialku friendship is a social networking site to interact and share information with the people in your network and / or region, which directs you to build and utilize your network of contacts properly, through messaging and information sharing. The site is designed to facilitate you to communicate, share information and get acquainted with the people in your network and / or region, and with this, encouraging members to share certain personal profile by fully utilizing these communication facilities.

Share personal information has always been a very sensitive issue, therefore Sosialku take a very serious step. We regard this as our top priority, to protect the privacy of our members. To that end, this privacy policy describes the type of information that Sosialku collect and how that information is used in our website. All information collected Sosialku will always adhere to this privacy policy and will be used for one purpose, namely to provide security and privacy of your personal interactive communication on our website. None of the personal information of members who would we sell or we rented to any third party without your consent.

About the Information We Collect and How We Use
1. Registration
To register / create your account as member Sosialku, we will ask you to select a username, password. Your username is used to give a unique account to access Sosialku and to create a web address (URL) for your profile page: Your name, gender, province, and other profiles that you entered, it can be seen by other Sosialku members. You can set whether the other members are not your friend in Sosialku can view your personal profile page, or not, through the link Edit Profile page of your profile. In the Search Engines, people who already know your name can find you by searching for your name only, unless you set it from appearing in search results, on the Edit page Privacy. Sosialku will never share your personal information with users who are not registered on our website or third party companies or individuals without any consent from you.

2. Your Profile page
Your profile page will display information about yourself so other Sosialku allows members to find your profile in search (unless you set it from appearing in search results, on the Edit page Privacy), and invite you into their silslah. Information about your name, gender, province, and browse other profiles you would look everyone (unless you set can only be seen by your friends). If you upload photos, videos or other media, everyone can see. Provision is optional profile information; but allows for more detail Sosialku members identify each other and more effectively connect and interact with their networks. We may use demographic information to customize the website according your interests, and can also share demographic information with advertisers on an anonymous and aggregate basis (such as, without telling the advertisers your identity). One reason to increase the likelihood that an advertiser of goods and services would be interested in Sosialku users, so that we may target specific ads at specific demographic groups. We share demographic information with advertisers is anonymous. (Like, we do not tell advertisers about which specific users Sosialku as members of demographic groups), subject to the rest of this privacy policy.

3. Cookies and Log Files
As with most websites, Sosialku use cookies and log files to track use of the website home page. Cookies are small data files that are on your computer and allows Sosialku to recognize you as a member when you return to our website using a computer and the same web browser. Unfortunately, if your browser settings do not allow cookies, you will not be able to use our website. Cookies also help us understand how members use Sosialku, which helps us to continually improve the service. Like the information you enter at registration or in your Profile, cookie and log file data is used to customize your experience on the website.

One type of cookies, known as cookies are "fixed", he created when you sign in to your account Sosialku you and then you download the checklist option "Save", so that the next time you visit the website Sosialku again, cookies are "fixed" will allows us to recognize you as an existing member so you do not have to log in again to use the services of our website. But to change your password, you must re-enter your password even if your computer cookies that are "fixed" it. Additionally, if you log out of the website Sosialku, you must re-enter your password Lembali to be able to log back into your account. Type the other cookies, cookies are "session", is used to recognize the unique visits to the website Sosialku. Cookies "session" will end in a short time or when you close your web browser.

Appropriate basis on standard internet communication, when you visit our website automatically web Sosialku we know the URLs of the websites where you come and which website you will visit when you will leave the website Sosialku. We also know the address of Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer (or the proxy server you use to access the World Wide Web), your computer's operating system and type of web browser you use and the name of the ISP. This information can be used to analyze overall trends to help us improve the service Sosialku, but is not linked to personally identifiable information in any way.

4. Teens & Children
In accordance with the Act's Online Privacy Protection (COPPA), you have to be aged over 13 years, for adolescents and children under 13 years of age must submit a form giving permission and is always accompanied by a parent, guardian or teacher will be obtained upon registration , A parent, guardian or teacher concerned is a person who represents the act and watched as an adult. If SOSIALKU.COM later learned that a member who register under the age of thirteen (13) years, but admitted that he had over 13 years, the member's account will be deleted from the database and may not use the website and its services Sosialku again for the next.

With Whom Information Maybe Divided
1. Third Party
Sosialku will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties without your consent, unless required by law. We may share your information with third parties under certain circumstances:

if it is deemed necessary to carry out specific request by you (eg, purchasing premium services using a credit card, in which case it is necessary to share your information with credit card processing company). In the case of certain third parties will not retain, share or store any personal information except to provide specific services requested by you, and are bound by strict private treaty, which limits the use of such information.

if sharing your information is required by law or necessary to respond to a subpoena or court order, or to protect the rights Sosialku or members.

if you give specific permission to share your information with a reason that is not mentioned in the privacy policy.

2. Members Sosialku Other
Sometimes you can invite people who are not members Sosialku to sign up and log into your friend. You can also invite members of the existing Sosialku to join groups or become your contact list. In this case, Sosialku generate email messages to your invitation which may contain information such as your username, full name, email, and your profile picture (if you want). The rest of your contact information will only be shared with people you invite if both parties had indicated it would establish contact with each other. In addition, when you visit the profile page Sosialku other members, we can share profiles, photos, videos, etc. with the member, if you want it.

3. The Advertiser
We may use third-party advertising companies to advertise products or services on our website. These companies may use cookies and action tags (also known as the Single Pixel Gifts or Web Beacons) to measure advertising effectiveness. Any information third parties collect via cookies and action tags will be completely anonymous.

4. Links to Other Websites
You may occasionally see links to other websites in Sosialku, either through advertising or third party promotions or links posted by members of other Sosialku. Sosialku not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites that you visit through a link you found on Sosialku. The use of third-party website is at your own risk and refers to the policies and procedures of the website owner. We recommend to read the policies and the rights of the diwebsite you before sharing your personal information.

Sosialku has implemented security measures to protect member information from loss, misuse and alteration. Every staff we are aware of our security policies, and your information is only available for staff who need on his part.

You Have Control Over Your Personal Information
Sosialku success directly relates to your trust in our privacy policy. Although we encourage our members to share information in order to maximize the benefits of the website, we also give you the flexibility kapada control over how certain personal information is displayed on the website. Although we provide a very useful tool for you to share information, given that it is your choice to share or not to share certain information with other Sosialku members or the general public.

You can change any personal information stored on the website Sosialku any time, whether the information provided at registration (with the exception of username and email members), for your profile page or other things. You can change the information on the profile, and Accounts. Additionally, you can cancel your membership by sending a notification Sosialku through our.